Exterior Renovation

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Exterior Renovations

Revitalize your home’s exterior with our comprehensive renovation services. From fence repair and installation to deck renovation and roofing services, we specialize in rejuvenating outdoor spaces. Our expert team ensures your home makes a lasting impression with professional painting and pressure cleaning services. Need extra storage? We’ve got you covered with shed installation expertise. Whether it’s reviving worn-out fences, updating tired decks, or refreshing roofs, we deliver top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail. Trust us to improve your home’s curb appeal and functionality. With our exterior renovation solutions, your home will stand out for all the right reasons.

exterior renovation


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  • deck staining
  • exterior painting
  • fence staining
  • door installation
  • rotting wood fix
  • siding repair
  • fence painting
  • fence installation
  • fence repair
  • deck construction
  • deck renovation
  • exterior renovations
  • pressure cleaning
  • patio renovation
  • driveway renovation
  • siding removal
  • masonry repairs

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Energy-saving upgrades

Enhanced curb appeal

Noise reduction

window replacement<br />

Upgrade your home with our professional window replacement services, offering a range of benefits to enhance your living space. With energy-saving upgrades, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your energy bills while contributing to a greener environment. Say goodbye to unwanted noise with our noise reduction benefits, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful home environment.

Experience improved insulation options that keep your home comfortable year-round, reducing drafts and maintaining consistent temperatures. Not only do our window replacements provide practical benefits, but they also increase the value of your home and enhance its curb appeal.

With custom design possibilities, you can personalize your windows to match your home’s style and architecture seamlessly. Plus, our warranty assurance guarantees quality and durability, giving you confidence in your investment.

Deck AND FENCE Staining 

Weather protection

Mold and mildew prevention

Increased lifespan

Deck staining offers more than just aesthetic appeal; it’s a vital step in preserving your outdoor space. By providing weather protection and UV ray resistance, staining enhances durability and extends the lifespan of your deck. The application of quality stains not only ensures long-lasting color but also prevents mold and mildew growth, maintaining a clean and healthy environment. With improved aesthetics and increased lifespan, deck staining becomes an investment in both the beauty and longevity of your outdoor living area, promising years of enjoyment and minimal maintenance. Trust in the protective benefits of deck staining to safeguard your investment against the elements and keep your outdoor space looking its best for years to come, ensuring your deck remains a cherished gathering spot for family and friends to create lasting memories and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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Weatherproof protection

Increased property value

Cost-effective maintenance

Transform your outdoor space with our professional deck and fence installation services. Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your property with expertly crafted decks and fences tailored to your preferences. Our team specializes in creating durable and visually appealing outdoor structures that enhance your living experience.

Choose from a variety of materials and styles to achieve the perfect look for your deck and fence. Whether you prefer the natural warmth of wood, the low maintenance of composite materials, or the modern appeal of metal, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Our weather-resistant and long-lasting materials ensure that your deck and fence withstand the elements, providing years of enjoyment and added value to your property. From traditional designs to contemporary concepts, we customize every detail to suit your lifestyle and complement your home’s architecture.

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Garage & SHED Renovatoin

Garage flooring

Garage storage solutions

Garage door replacement

A garage renovation can significantly enhance both the functionality and value of your home. Starting with garage insulation, this upgrade ensures a comfortable, energy-efficient space suitable for year-round use, whether it’s for storage or as a workshop. Including workbenches and cabinetry transforms your garage into a practical workspace, providing sturdy surfaces and organized storage for tools and supplies. Proper lighting is also crucial, as it enhances visibility and safety, enabling detailed work at any hour.

In addition to these improvements, storage solutions are key in maximizing the utility of the space. Efficient systems can declutter and streamline your garage, making it easier to find and store items ranging from household tools to seasonal gear. Upgrading the flooring is the final touch in a garage makeover. Durable, attractive flooring withstands heavy use and improves the overall aesthetics of the area, turning a simple garage into a valuable component of your home.

Ready to Remodel Your Space?


Affordable And Fair Prices

Ready to Remodel Your Space?


Affordable And Fair Prices


How often should I repaint my exterior walls and trim?

Generally, exterior walls and trim should be repainted every 5-10 years, depending on factors like climate, exposure to sunlight, and the quality of the previous paint job.

What are the benefits of staining my deck versus painting it?

Deck staining enhances the natural beauty of the wood while providing protection against UV rays and moisture. It also requires less maintenance compared to painting and allows for easier touch-ups.

How can I tell if my roof needs repair or replacement?

Signs of roof damage include missing or damaged shingles, leaks, sagging areas, and visible signs of wear and tear. If you notice any of these issues, it’s best to consult a roofing professional for an inspection.

What factors should I consider when choosing paint colors for my home's exterior?

Consider factors such as architectural style, neighborhood guidelines, and existing landscaping. Additionally, factor in the climate and how different colors may affect energy efficiency and curb appeal.

How can I maintain my deck to ensure its longevity?

Regular maintenance tasks include cleaning the deck surface, inspecting for damage or rot, and reapplying a protective sealant or stain every 1-3 years. Promptly address any issues to prevent further damage and prolong the lifespan of your deck.




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